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8.990 Ft
Kiszerelés: 540 gr
Cikkszám: IHS015_2_pineapp_540gr
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Egységár: 16,65 Ft/gr

Leírás és Paraméterek

Adagolás:Oldj fel egy adagot (20 gr -4 adagolókanál) 250 ml vízben. 30 perccel edzés előtt fogyaszd.


At first sight IRON PUMP looks like nothing but a classic pre-workout, no different than the many products available on the market... But is that so? What is it that makes it stand out from a few hundred other products of this type?


    Iron Pump is a unique solution. Every serving contains a large dose of active ingredients, which will stimulate every single muscle in your body and make them perform more strenuous and intensive workouts than ever before. Thanks to large doses of Beta Alanine (5.g in one serving) and Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate (also as many as 5.g in one serving) in the best concentration 2:1, with cytruline malate (2.5. g in one serving) your muscles will be pumped to the maximum and ready for superhuman effort.
    Beta alanine can clearly improve muscle efficiency thanks to which you will be able to train longer and more effectively whereas AAKG in a huge dose will make sure that every myofiber have received sufficient amount of ingredients to grow.


    L-histidine, which is responsible for metabolism and secretion of some enzymes will make sure that nothing happens by chance in your overstrained body and tri-creatine malate together with B-group vitamins contained in every serving consumed before your workout will make your muscles almost explode.  Every workout will be optimally used for stimulation of your myofibers and the feeling of blood-filled muscles will linger in your memory.


    But that’s not all! Acetyl-L-carnitine, L-Tyrosine and Taurine used in IRON PUMP supplement will allow you to concentrate on the training session as well as ensure proper interaction between the nervous system and the working muscles.


    If you think that IRON PUMP contains all you need, you must know that our carefully developed product has also been enriched with magnesium citrate, phosphatidylcholine, caffeine and thiamine - all of this serves to make you focused as never before and support your nervous system with the best quality ingredients.


    The list of benefits derived from this concentrated and filled with active ingredients product is endless. However, one thing is certain - IRON PUMP works in two aspects - stimulating the muscular system to perform strenuous physical effort and supporting the Central Nervous System, comprehensively contributing to actual improvement of training results as well as feeling of real pleasure and satisfaction from every workout session. You can rest assured that no other pre-workout product has ever made you feel this way.





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